Contemporary jewellery from Denmark, from the beautiful island Langeland
I have experience with old traditional techniques and an interest in new compositions of various materials, metals, but also natural materials like stone from the beach, old shards next with finegold. Drawing and painting is an important part of working with enamel on jewelry and sculptures

I like contrasts as the somewhat cool silver and the warmth of 24 kt. pure gold, driftwood along with gold and precious stones.

It begins with an idea, drawing, and then continues the manufacture of jewelery in the workshop.

The metal, no matter whether it is gold or silver gets through the crafting its own charisma.

Rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, forged or with
the heat of 1000 degrees, jewels gets their own
surfaces. Stones like ruby​​, sapphire, tourmaline,
opal and sometimes brilliant or rough diamond gives
my jewelry colors and a play of light. But pebbles
can also get encased with 24 kt. gold for contrast
and can show my respect for nature.

The inspiration for my unique pieces comes from
nature, but sometimes it is also quite common,
everyday things that give ideas.
It's hard to resist ...
© 2014 Smykkekunstner Sabine Majus
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