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Hans Christian Ørsted price - the price of Arts and Sciences
The award is presented annually at the H.C. Ørsted's birthday.

Hans Christian Ørsted award is a Danish price, but also can be distributed to people from other countries. The price can be given both to the individuals, organizations and institutions. The prize was established by Ørsted Company and Langeland Municipality - and is awarded annually on 14th August at the HC Oersted's birthday.

The price is kr. 10,000 kr. and consists of a statuette entitled "Butterfly" in the material silver and enamel mounted on a base of elm, made by the artist Sabine Majus Hansen of Langeland. The title refers to the Hans Christian Ørsted among other things, created the word butterfly. Furthermore consist price of a specially diploma entitled "Hans Christian Ørsted Award".

The award is intended to pay homage to Hans
Christian Ørsted's impact on culture and science.
Artists, thinkers and scientists worldwide whose
work can be linked to Hans Christian Oersted's
name and life's work, including in relation to the
dissemination of the genre, can be an award winner.

Hans Christian Oersted was born August 14, 1777 in
Rudkobing, and was the son of a pharmacist. He
spent his childhood and early youth on Langeland.
He kept the special connection and relationship with
Langeland entire life.

The award recipient 2013: Mikkel Bohm
The award recipient 2014: Hanne Hautop